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New Clients

Alexis Campbell, LGPC

I am a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) in the beautiful state of Maryland. Growing up in rural Virginia, mental health and therapy were not commonly discussed topics, but I am on a mission to change that. My passion is to raise awareness about the importance of prioritizing your mental well-being and to break down the barriers and stigma surrounding therapy.

In my practice, I specialize in helping individuals navigate phase of life transitions, manage mood disorders, embrace perinatal mental health, and navigate any relationship challenges - whether they be with friends, family, or partners. As your counselor, I offer a safe and judgment-free space where you can freely express yourself, knowing I am here to support you unconditionally.

Taking a holistic approach to therapy is at the heart of my practice. I believe that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all process and that each individual deserves a tailored treatment plan. Drawing on various techniques and modalities, I will work with you to craft a therapeutic journey that speaks to your unique needs and circumstances. Your voice will always be heard, and you will be at the center of your treatment.

Combining my background in psychology with personal experience, I am dedicated to guiding you toward becoming the best version of yourself. Together, we will navigate the challenges you face, uncover your strengths, and empower you to overcome any obstacles in your path. Seeking therapy is not a sign of weakness - it is an act of courage and self-care. I believe wholeheartedly that this journey will leave you feeling more empowered and resilient than ever before.

Now is the perfect time to take that first step towards healing and transformation. Know that you are not alone - I am here to uplift and inspire you every step of the way. Let's embark on a healing journey that will create lasting change in your life.

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