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Why We Stand Out

From the moment you contact our office you will feel and hear the care we have about giving you the best service we can. We are here for you and want you to have the best.


Relational Excellence, LLC strives to promote an atmosphere of hope, self-determination, and dignity by delivering person-centered and trauma-informed therapeutic services from beginning to end with smart, innovative, and friendly staff.


"To be recognized as the top-rated total mental health provider to everyone in need across the United States.  Relational Excellence, LLC will have a diverse team that represents the community in which we serve.  We will continue to provide a safe space for everyone to grow and feel empowered."


Relational Excellence’s mission is to provide comprehensive mental health counseling treatment. Our services are engaging, restorative, and fun. We strive to inspire change in everyone that we serve. To improve the health and wellness of individuals and families, by compassionately serving their mental health needs through prevention, intervention, treatment, education and advocacy.

We take the following

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