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Jeriesha (Jay) Hodge, MS LCPC Founder & CEO

Photo of Jeriesha (Jay) Hodge

Jay holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Gettysburg College and two Master’s Degrees, one in Therapeutic Recreation and a second in Mental Health Counseling. She is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). Jay has always had a vision of wanting to provide total mental health care for the underserved and marginalized populations so that these individuals would not be held back by loss, trauma, or limitations set by others.  This vision came to fruition in 2013 when Relational Excellence, LLC opened it’s doors in a small office in Silver Spring with Jay as the sole practitioner. The practice grew over time as consumers felt heard and received care that inspired them to flourish personally, professionally, and interpersonally. Jay was determined to help others explore how they can level the playing field, the dream of opportunities, and remove fear. This viewpoint continues to be paramount and interwoven into the fabric of Relational Excellence, LLC.

In 2016, Relational Excellence, LLC expanded services to Anne Arundel county. This opportunity allowed Relational Excellence, LLC to touch more households and reach more individuals and families in need.  The team began to expand, and the staff became the heartbeat of the company. It is very common for consumers and staff to come into the office and receive warm greetings and hear laughter. Jay believes in creating an atmosphere where compassion, empathy, and hard work are all intertwined.

In 2019, Relational Excellence, LLC opened its doors to a larger facility which allowed us to make more of an imprint and expand service offerings. When the pandemic occurred, the company was able to quickly pivot to seamlessly move all services online within 48 hours. Clients were able to keep appointments and receive support during a time of increased stress, fear, and anxiety.  The staff employed at Relational Excellence, LLC are expected to uphold the vision and mission by providing all consumers a safe and welcoming place to receive quality innovative mental health treatment.

In 2022, Relational Excellence, LLC became a full mental health clinic accredited by CARF. This expansion allowed for all clients to receive prescription medication with counseling and group services. Relational Excellence, LLC continues to strive to be the top comprehensive mental health provider in Maryland.

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